about us

We came here to cross the Atlantic but..
we stayed and we built a family,
not just a business.

Our Mission

Ensure the best sailing experience and create a product of value for our customers. 

We implement an environment friendly plan and we assure that our maintenance and sailing procedures respect nature 100%.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We use our business to inspire people, communicate love for sailing and the ocean.

Our yachts

Two boats in our beloved “fleet”, both of them have a fantastic story made of coincidence, luck, and much more.. ask us!

Dufour 455 Grand Large

The Grand Large serie, introduced by Dufour after the company was acquired by Cantiere del Pardo in 2006, translates into “open seas”. Umberto Felci designed this beautiful cruiser, with an attractive look, lean and linear.  She is agile and fast, with a big cockpit and perfect comfort for a full day trip.

Cuba Libre,
Beneteau 40 Oceanis

Classic, strong and reliable, this boat, designed by Jean-Marie Finot,  assures comfort and performance at the same time , for a pleasant experience of sailing. It is  our choice for Half day trips.